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V.R. DIAMONDS founder Mr. Varun Gulati , who has over 20 years of experience in retail jewelry, started his maiden wholesale venture by importing Melee Diamonds directly from India with the vision to cut the middlemen and provide diamonds of the highest quality to the jewelry retailers and manufacturers all over The United States of America at very competitive prices.

We procure Melee Diamonds of the highest quality directly from the manufacturers in India. You can be sure that when you buy from V.R.Diamonds, you will receive prices well below the current market rate. 

We specialize in fine white and off white calibrated and assorted melee diamonds which are CAD and custom order friendly. Without over stocking your inventory, you can buy the diamonds in the required size, cut, color, clarity & carat as and when you need.

There is no minimum order. You can order exactly the number of diamonds you need. All orders receive the same attention and care. 

100% customer statisfaction is guaranteed.


Email :,
Mr. Varun Gulati


328 Market Street East,
Suite No 270
Maryland - 20878